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Performance. That’s what Jan Zaragoza delivers—the practical tools and techniques that transform employees into peak producers. Jan is an expert at delivering critical skills in a dynamic and thought-provoking manner, making your learning experience both informative and engaging.

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Thank you very much for a fine workshop. You have a friendly, interested demeanor that made each person feel validated for their suggestions and contributions. You were wonderful at taking care to learn individuals’ names, encouraging them to participate, and complimenting them on their great ideas. To me, this is what made the workshop so worthwhile—having a “community experience” that was masterfully facilitated and made everyone feel better about themselves, each other, and their work.

Trena Cleland, Dept. of Public Health, City of Berkeley

Jan is a superb instructor. She conducts our Presentation Skills classes and is able to improve the speaking abilities of many in a matter of a few hours. Witty and engaging she is able to charm the best out of everyone, and all who meet her come away better persons from the experience. Jan is flexible, dependable, and articulate, and someone we bring back year after year to teach and coach our volunteers. She is a real pleasure to work with and I always consider her workshops as a good investment in my people.

Jim Guerin, Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired); Director, San Diego County Combined Federal Campaign