A Perfect Example of Accountability

“I’ve never seen anyone approach the topic of accountability
the way you do.  When I heard your accountability presentation, I knew
I had to bring you in to train the rest of our team.”
HR Executive  

I hear the best accountability examples from the people in my workshops!   In a recent It’s Not My Fault!  Building an Accountable Team workshop, attendees were talking about a move they had just completed in their organization—people moving around the building into different cubicles and offices.  They said the move was decided quickly, it wasn’t done well, and there was a lot of turmoil around it.  

But then one guy spoke up: “If we had sat around and talked about it for days, we probably wouldn’t have come up with a better solution.”  (And now hear what he said next!)  “We’re all responsible for how things went.  Why did I let it get to me?   Did I share my unrest with others?”

Powerful!   The most successful people are always focused on what they CAN do in any situation.  They aren’t spinning on what’s wrong, what they think other people should have done, or the reasons something won’t work.  They’re clearly focused forward, and dedicated to doing what they can to help make things work.

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