Don’t Necessarily Delegate to the Most Skilled

Often our first thought when we need to delegate a task is: “Who’s done something like this before?”   “Who’s good at this?”   

But people in my management workshops are sometimes surprised when I point out that when delegating we don’t always want to select the most skilled. 

Why?  First let me say that if the task is critical and/or you have a short deadline (not much time for training or coaching), it IS probably the person with the expertise that you want to delegate to.

But if this is a less important assignment or you have a longer time frame, you may want to use it for growing one of your people.   Ask yourself:

  • Who would benefit from learning this?
  • How will the individual employee and the team benefit long-term?

You may want to choose development of your team over quickly getting something done.

I’m finding that delegation is often an underdeveloped management competency. A lot of people don’t know how to do it, or don’t do it well. “I’m too busy to delegate. It’s easier to do it myself.”

But we need a team who knows how to delegate and get work done. Provide all of your supervisors and managers with the how’s of delegating successfully. Click here to ask me how.