Don’t Stay Stuck

At the end of my accountability presentation a job seeker (a woman in her 50’s) came to the front of the room with tears in her eyes, grabbed my hand, and said: “Thank you.  Since I was laid off I’ve been so angry with my boss that I haven’t been able to do a job search.  Learning what we discussed today in the accountability session, I feel like I can let that go, focus on my job search, and move forward.” 

Wow.  A very practical reason to let go of blame.  When our mind is spinning, spinning, spinning on blame and what we think someone did to us or what we think someone else should have done or not done, we don’t learn or move forward. We stay stuck.

When we let go of the blaming, we can see instead, “What can I do next?”

Think of a challenging situation in your own life, and stop for a moment and ask yourself: “What if there was no one to blame?”   How would that impact your life?  How could it help free up your energy?   Releasing the energy of blame can free us up for problem solving, action, and results.

“I’ve never seen anyone approach the topic of accountability the way you do.  When I heard your accountability presentation, I knew I had to bring you in to train the rest of our team.”  HR Executive  

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