Tips for Receiving Feedback

  • Notice what is going on in your mind as someone is giving you feedback
  • Don’t argue, defend, or rationalize
  • Listen for the truth in what they are saying, and how you can use the feedback to improve
  • If you don’t understand all or part of the feedback, ask for specific examples or further explanation
  • If change is necessary, ask for help in developing solutions or alternate ways of doing the task or project
  • Thank them

Be Accountable!

  • If your manager is not giving you enough feedback, be accountable! ASK him or her for specific feedback.
  • Take the initiative; if you don’t, you are not being accountable.
  • Don’t be vague. (“How am I doing?”)
  • Rather, ask about something specific you have done.
  • Repeat and paraphrase what your manager says to make sure you understood correctly.

Learning How to Accept Feedback is a Skill Important to Your Success

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