Is This Meeting Necessary?

There are buttons that read, “I survived another meeting that should have been an email!”   There is no need to hold a meeting if you can handle the issue with a phone call, email, or talking to a few people one-to-one. 

When setting up or attending a meeting, do you ask yourself: Is this meeting necessary?

Of course we need meetings for some purposes, but we always want to be on the lookout for how meetings could be

  • Shorter
  • Held less often (every two weeks rather than every week) or not at all

When inviting someone to a meeting, ask yourself: Is this the most important thing this person could be doing right now?  Think of what people could be doing instead of attending meetings:

  • Working on important projects
  • Developing their employees
  • Serving customers

If we save just 1 hour a day at the end of a year we have a month and a half of 40 hour work weeks!   If your people spent less time in meetings, what could they be doing to move your organization forward?

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone talked too much or got the discussion off-track?  Of course you have; we all have!  One of many key take-aways in Meetings Over Easy! workshops are critical strategies on keeping the group focused on the task and dealing effectively with people who go off-track or talk too long.  

In Meetings Over Easy! your team learns how to accomplish what they need to accomplish in the shortest amount of time. Click here for information.