What Accountability Is Not

I’ve found that sometimes people don’t like the idea of “being accountable” because they think that this means taking on everything themselves, or throwing up their hands and saying, “Okay, it’s my fault!” whenever something goes wrong.

But accountability is not:

  • Trying to fix everything ourselves
  • Doing other people’s work
  • Rescuing people who aren’t performing
  • Making excuses for our employees

In fact, it’s just the opposite: a big part of being accountable is holding other people accountable. Think about it!

  • In low performing cultures, people don’t hold others accountable
  • In good performing cultures, managers or other people with power hold others accountable
  • In the best performing cultures, everyone holds everyone accountable

When people learn the skills of how to hold themselves and others accountable the result is better relationships, fewer conflicts, more work getting done, and a healthy, successful organization.

TEACH YOUR TEAM THE SKILLS OF HOLDING THEMSELVES AND OTHERS ACCOUNTABLE. To schedule a workshop or request more information, click here

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