Sexual Harassment Prevention

Business colleagues in conference meeting room during presentation

When you’re ready to complete your training requirement under SB 1343, keep High-Performance Training Solutions in mind; we can provide the training that will bring you into compliance with the new and updated requirements. 

What others have said:

“This was the most intelligently done Sexual Harassment training I’ve attended.”

“Much better than our other Sexual Harassment training. Clear, easy, energy was good.”

“Interaction, the best I’ve seen. Outstanding.”

“Thank you! I really didn’t want to come to this training, but it as fun and interesting!”

“This session was much more practical/realistic than other similar sessions I’ve attended.”

“The session went quickly and wasn’t ‘goofy.’ ”

“I’ve had lots of these sexual harassment trainings and they have been painful to sit through—dry and boring. This one was great! The time went fast. Thank you!”

“Positive and well presented. Very educational. Good and valuable information.”

“Excellent materials and presentation. Thorough and appropriate.”

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