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Jan is an extremely organized and professional partner. Working with Jan is a pleasure for me and other Viejas employees, as she has the skill of interacting with equal ease with front-line staff, management, and executive staff. Jan has been very accommodating in recognizing our need to interface her training with our other initiatives, and has been willing to work with us on customizing her program for our culture. In the classroom, I have been impressed with Jan’s ability to quickly establish a very supportive rapport and safe environment for attendees.

Marguerite Brown, Employee Development Manager, Viejas Casino

Jan is professional, engaging, knowledgeable, and motivating. She can read the needs of the audience and adapt her presentation skills accordingly. Our employees overwhelmingly gave Jan extremely positive reviews. Whether your training needs include managers or blue collar employees or a combination of both, Jan has the skills to achieve the goals you set.

K. A. (Casey) Walters, Human Resources Administrator, Fallbrook Public Utility District

My initial reaction to seeing Jan in action was, ‘We’ve got to get her back to do more!’ Jan is an experienced facilitator and her workshops have added to the confidence and competency of our group. Jan is very approachable and interacts well with our staff. She keeps the energy in the classroom high as she gets us all thinking and sharing ideas.

Elaine Levy, System Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Nutrition, Sharp Healthcare

We always turn to Jan when we want a well-organized, clear and thoughtful presentation. She has a way of quickly getting to the heart of the matter whether it is business writing/editing or time management or teambuilding. She delivers content that is relevant to what concerns the audience and she pays close attention to what they need. She always takes their questions as they ask them and she makes it easy to ask a question. Her style is approachable and she is fun. Her “bad” examples on writing and editing are a kick. I appreciate the time she has taken to put together dynamite materials that can be used long after the presentation.

Executive Director, a local leadership institute

Jan is a skilled trainer who is extremely effective in presenting new ideas in ways that are accessible to all types of learners. Her topics are timely and relevant to our people, and I consistently receive excellent feedback on her workshops. Jan is expert at keeping people’s attention by making her workshops interactive and fun, and at the same time packing them with practical suggestions people can apply immediately on their jobs.

Phyllis Belisle, Manager of Learning and Culture, Ericsson Wireless Communications

Thank you! You were one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. You really kept our interest and gave us LOTS of good information.

Toni Lee, Incoming President, HSMAI

I keep bringing Jan back to train our people because her style of training is to provide a lot of material concisely, maximizing employees’ time spent in training. And people really enjoy the training and use the materials. I also appreciate that Jan is very organized, making the arranging and organizing of the classes extremely easy for me.

Raenell Transue, Director of Human Resources, SKF Condition Monitoring

We consider Jan a management partner. Jan helps us push through the wall we all reach in managing our people, managing our expectations, and managing our abilities. Sometimes we get too involved in how we currently are doing things, so it is helpful to have someone with an outside perspective giving us new possibilities of how we could handle a situation. We see definite performance improvement in the people Jan has coached; performance improvement that we didn’t have the ability—or the time—to do ourselves.

Christy Hoover, Human Resources, Manager Websense

Thank you very much for a fine workshop. You have a friendly, interested demeanor that made each person feel validated for their suggestions and contributions. You were wonderful at taking care to learn individuals’ names, encouraging them to participate, and complimenting them on their great ideas. To me, this is what made the workshop so worthwhile—having a “community experience” that was masterfully facilitated and made everyone feel better about themselves, each other, and their work.

Trena Cleland, Dept. of Public Health, City of Berkeley

Jan has proven to be an excellent facilitator in the seminars she has conducted for us. Her style encourages open communication from the participants in her classes that promotes the sharing of ideas and experiences. She has the ability to introduce new and complex concepts in a clear and concise manner and demonstrates excellent knowledge of the subject matter.

Dan Ferbal, Director of Training, Evans Hotels

Jan’s Time Management classes are always well-received. People find her classes very practical with lots of good tips and information. She’s an extremely well organized person and that is demonstrated in her classes and the advice she gives others.

Liz Schiff, City of Berkeley

Jan always does an excellent job. She is extremely relaxed, non-judgmental, warm, supportive and makes my staff feel very successful at difficult subjects.

Pat Zamora, Program Manager, City of San Diego

Jan did a great job working with us to identify our key training needs. She spent time talking with our associates to learn our culture and environment to better understand our challenges. She put together and delivered an impactful training program that addressed our issues. Her professional and caring approach and her solid training skills hit a home run with our managers. With Jan, we have laid a solid foundation for moving our entire management team ahead. We look forward to working with her more in the future to accelerate our progress.

Don Dohanyos, General Manager, Club Demonstration Services

I received more practical information that I can use on a daily basis from your Meeting Skills workshop than any training I have ever attended.

Joan Wallberg, Director of Human Resources, StoneFly Networks, Inc.

Jan has worked with our company to facilitate a number of excellent training programs and she has become a true partner and extension of our Human Resources department; she understands our needs and does a superb job of planning, organizing and facilitating sessions aligned with those needs. Her style and energy fosters great interaction amongst the participants and she has the ability of introducing new concepts to the group in a crisp and effective manner. Jan is a competent trainer and a pleasure to work with.

Elga Lohler, Director Human Resources, Smith & Nephew

Dynamo on the top of her game. Great speaker.

David Brennan, McCullogh & Associates

Jan is a superb instructor. She conducts our Presentation Skills classes and is able to improve the speaking abilities of many in a matter of a few hours. Witty and engaging she is able to charm the best out of everyone, and all who meet her come away better persons from the experience. Jan is flexible, dependable, and articulate, and someone we bring back year after year to teach and coach our volunteers. She is a real pleasure to work with and I always consider her workshops as a good investment in my people.

Jim Guerin, Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired); Director, San Diego County Combined Federal Campaign

Positive and inspirational. The content and speaker were absolutely outstanding!

Sheila Hardin, Community Relations Manager, Centre City Development Corp.

If you want a knowledgeable, fast-paced course in Performance Appraisals or Sexual Harassment, use Jan Zaragoza. We have used Jan for both courses at Jenny Craig. She engages the audience, tailors the program to your organization, and keeps it moving. We’ll use her again at Jenny Craig, Inc.

Roberta C. Baade, Ph.D., Vice President, Human Resources, Jenny Craig, Inc.

Our management team truly enjoyed Jan’s presentation. One of her strengths is providing real world examples and direction. This led to many of our managers taking immediate action following the training and applying what they learned in Jan’s training. She set the bar higher for the managers and provided them with the tools to achieve.

Jean Stollenwerk-Freeman, Human Resources Advisor, Sierra Wireless America

Jan’s Business Writing workshop was exactly what our team needed. Everyone from the most seasoned managers to the newest staff members benefited from the materials and the tips she shared. She kept everyone engaged and made it fun!

Lori Loken-King, SVP, Internal Audit, Countrywide Bank

Jan’s Meeting Skills Workshops were critical in shaping the Artes meeting culture. She has a great presentation style and kept the crowd entertained. The team really loved her meeting simulation as it gave employees a better idea of how we would like a meeting to run. Her feedback was a valuable tool to improve our meeting habits, and after the fact, she continued to be a partner in the process by conducting follow up meetings with our HR staff to assess and confirm the success of the training. We plan to use Jan again in the future!

Sadaf Amini, Artes Medical

Jan is great: poised, prepared, professional, personable.

Doug Sjoberg, San Diego Employers Association

I have found Jan to be an outstanding workshop leader. She provided practical and usable information about Business Writing in a fast-paced, interesting and fun class. It was easy to tell that Jan enjoyed teaching and that she really cared that her participants learn. She was generous with one-on-one help to participants, and encouraged participation by providing lots of positive feedback and making everyone feel at ease.

Mary Mazzetti, Product Manager, SDG&E

Even seasoned managers who have attended this type of training before spoke highly of the impact and effectiveness of this program. Two examples of feedback I received from participants: ‘Despite having been through such classes before, this particular training class had the biggest impact on me. What I learned will help me work better with others and also manage my own time,’ and ‘Thanks for this program. It, indeed, was time well spent and a great refresher for us old folks and a good start for the new managers. Jan is great.’ With the diverse personality and management styles at Solekai, it’s important for our managers to understand the most effective way to communicate not only with their employees but their co-workers. This program was a very worthwhile investment.

Madonna Bentz, Director of HR, Solekai Systems

Jan is an excellent instructor. Her style was well received by a mixed group of upper managers, middle managers, and support staff. The high ratings and kudos she received from everyone was particularly significant coming from a group that met at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday, the first day of a three-day week-end!

Barbara Bashein, Ph.D., California State University San Marcos

I have been impressed with how Jan connects and establishes rapport with people in her classes. I also appreciate the consistently high quality of Jan’s classes. I know I can always count on her to provide training that helps our people focus on what to do to move forward. Through her classes she has helped build the confidence of our staff and assisted them in being the best they can be, which in turn has allowed them to provide better service to their customers.

Jaime Jones, Health & Human Services, County of San Diego